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Welcome to follow our journey from pre-production to the final release. In here you can follow what we are currently doing by reading stories from our talented crew, checking the latest videos, photos and joining the conversation!  

We want to change the way films are made and how they are presented to the world! Join our yet small, but powerful community and help us create this film by backing us in Indiegogo, following us in social media or with other helpful ideas you come up with!

Thank you in advance from the whole crew and check what the film is all about from below!



Film told by the youth of our modern society

The story is about a young girl graduating from high school, who doesn't know where the life will take her next. She has to battle between her so called friends, her beliefs and morals. She battles with her mental health and the pressure coming from our society, friends and family.  

It is a film telling what young people are actually thinking and what kind of battles they are going through right now in our society. 

To make sure this film actually tells about the real problems young people are going through, we made sure that all the people involved in this film are these so called young people. This also gives the possibility for young filmmakers to say what they have to say and create a beautiful and professional film.

The Crew consists of "group leaders" who are film students or self-taught filmmakers and students from high school, who are highly experienced, and are super curious and always in the look for new challenges.

We are a group of young, hard working and passionate people who all want to be heard through this meaningful story.

Get to know the crew and read the blog post about how our director gathered the crew!

See what our talented crew has to say and all the latest news!

The Videos

See the latest production vlogs, introduction videos, teasers and trailers here!

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