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How We Gathered the Crew

Since the film talks about important things young people face in today's society, from the very beginning we had one goal to get as many young people as possible to work in this film to make sure the thoughts are as authentic as possible.

We contacted Helsinki Media Arts Upper Secondary School, which gives a possibility for its students to complete high school studies with a media-oriented studies or with a general study option. They have courses from creative writing to journalism, and from radio work to how to work in television and film set. They were happy to help us gather this amazing and talented crew. All of the students helping us are from ages between 16-18, and they all are interested working in the film industry and have studied these courses. I graduated from Helsinki Media Arts Upper Secondary School about three years ago and I know how well they teach about films and working in a set, so all my trust goes to these students.

Read more about every crew member from the Crew section!

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